Launched in November 2012 , this interactive web series immerses the user in the daily life of four roommates who are discovering the joys of independence... and the horrors of life in community . Each episode is an opportunity to address in a fun and educational way a topic that relates to 14-16 years. The life of every roommate also extends on social networks and provides access to bonus contents like videos, photos and posts.

The webseries site totals more than 120,000 unique visitors from around the world (English version available). The transmedia program includes social networks , a board game, live events and more. It has been selected and presented in many national and international events.


Co-author and co-director of all the episodes with Lucie Poirot, original creator of the concept :

  • Writing and production of transmedia content for the character of Roman (video, tweet, Facebook messages ...)
  • Expertise on the game board game design "Minute Meals"


  • Association Le Temps Presse
  • Le Vent Tourne society
  • Ministry of education
  • Ministry of agriculture
  • Région Ile-de-France
  • GEMA Prévention
  • Agence de l'eau Seine-Normandie
  • Eau de Paris
  • Mairie de Paris


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