Treatment service of desperate requests

The  pitch

If like millions of active consumers you do not have time to waste thinking, our service is for you! Our senior consultant Alexandre Pierrin answers to your most desperate questions with pedagogy, good humor and professionalism : how long can we be dead ? Do homeless people prefer to live on the street ? Is ISIS an NGO ?  All those nasty questions that torment you will be answered in audio capsules of 3 minutes manufactured for your enjoyment by our team of experts. So hurry up and, contact us !

The intention

At the genesis of « Treatment service of desperate requests », there is the will to deal with absurd and surprising subjects.

The form of web requests has emerged naturally because Google has become a natural extension of our question marks, without filter, nor detained. The idea is to build a community around this program so that the most determined of 60,000 daily listeners of Radio Campus (source: Médiamétrie) start proposing their own topics in 2015. The chronicles are available in podcasts on the official page of the show.

Website :
Date : September 2014 - June 2015


  • Writing and interpretation of the texts
  • Supervision of audio production

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