Transmedia and journalism


Over the courses of the training in Ramallah, Lucie Poirot and Alexandre Pierrin taught new forms of storytelling and how digital tools could bolster that storytelling.

This transmedia training, launched with the support of Canal France International and the Institute of Modern Media (IMM) at the University of Al Quds Ramallah (Palestine), included two sessions.

The first session, held in January 2013, was designed as a “discovery” of the main topics included in the training: web-series, new teaching methods, collaborative design and transmedia writing. The transmedia program served as an example for this first session, which aims to:

  • discover the extent of potential offered by the Internet and new media
  • initiate design methods in connection with the public
  • learn the basic steps of designing an educational web series
  • define the educational issues and problems of an audiovisual program.

The second session, held in March 2013, focused on the development of workshops. Each group worked for two weeks on a transmedia program. The main objectives of the second session was to:

  • develop a first experience in transmedia program design
  • show examples and methodologies of collaborative designs
  • promote transmedia by showing how it could change teaching methods

This session ended with a final pitch of each project in front of experts and the Consul General of France in Israel.


  • Design and animation of the training in English


  • Canal France International
  • Le Vent Tourne company
  • Institute of Modern Media of Ramallah


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