Now Future


We discover the story of Luce, a young multimedia artist who suddenly disappeared on the opening day of her exhibition. She worked on the theme of technological innovations that redefine the boundaries of the life, like transhumanism.

The intention

“Now Future” is a transmedia project that adventure in the heart of the practices of converging technologies that cause profound changes in the understanding of our physical world, biological or environmental.

The experience

In “Now Future”, the user is alternately an investigator, a creator and a citizen. The transmedia program has different levels of involvement. Thus, he can watch the documentary “Changer d'ère” or embark on the trail of Luce across the web documentary Now Future, an interactive survey between cyberpunk thriller and philosophical tale. On the same platform, the user can participate in the creation of digital art pieces and share them on social networks in order to be selected and published in the final contributive book published by the “Dis Voir” edition. Eventually, the participant can visit one of the exhibitions or public events organized as part of the Future Now device.

This device was funded by the National Center of Cinema (CNC). It has also won two Web Blend Mix prizes at the Globalc Media Connect festival in October 2014

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