Made In Bolivia



"Made in Bolivia" is a film about contemporary Bolivia through his Hip-hop, an alien music in a changing andean society marked by a millennium folklore.

In parallel, educational workshops were held in France and in the Andes. The character of Bryathan young Andean rapper, was created to serve as a common thread between sessions. The children discovered the character in a short animated film, they told his story on a travel blog and sent him videos for his journey.

 Vimeo link here.

Official selections

This film was selected in the ITINERANCES Film Festival of Alès, the “Festival of the First Time” in Marseille, the “Festival of Latin America” of the High Institute for Studies on Latin America” and the “Festival of Alternative Image” of Brest.


- Co-writing of the script
- Co-production of the documentary
- Shooting of the documentary
- Design and delivery of educational workshops

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