The concept

To explain the importance of the COP 21, the association LE TEMPS PRESSE has decided to use Romain, iconic and hyper-connected character of the web series, and his neighbor Sacha as spokespersons.

The first episode of its educational program "It's not complicated if it is well explained" had already been part of the selection of the Festival in WebProgram the category "web youth".

During the COP 21, this fictional character has hosted a real transmedia communication campaign through its Facebook page and its Twitter account by posting original videos, photos and several new episodes of its educational program "It's not complicated if it is well explained".

Link to his Youtube channel and his Facebook page.


  • Co-writing and co- realization of the campaign videos ( with Lucie Poirot )
  • Community Management fictitious profiles Romain Solite on FB and Twitter.

Year : 2015

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