Who am I?

  • Transmedia Author: I write stories on multiple platforms by adapting the story to the specific characteristics of each medium and the desired user experience.
  • Game Designer: I design game mechanics that allow users to discover actively a topic or a narrative.
  • Media Trainer: I convey my passion for writing transmedia to professionals and students in higher education institutions or business, in France or abroad.

Graduated from Sciences Po Grenoble, I was interested in innovative uses of new technologies in the course of my job as coordinator of the KIPUS network at the UNESCO regional headquarters for Latin America. Back in France, I started working on the game design of treasure hunts, board games and serious games.

In parallel, I started to video co-producing and writing script with Lucie Poirot for interactive webfiction L@-KOLOK.com, then for the documentary (Made In Bolivia). All these desires and experiences have led me to co-found in 2011 transmedia production company Le Vent Tourne. Since 2011, I teach courses in various schools in France and abroad around the transmedia writing, game design or implementation for the web. I always give a practical aspect to my teachings because I think that nothing is more useful than practice.

I see transmedia as a joyful laboratory of narrative experiences. You’re welcome, with or without blouse.

Projects :

  • L@-KOLOK.com
  • Now Future
  • Popote Minute
  • The trial of the child witches
  • Stop the violence !
  • Made In Bolivia

Formations :

  • Transmedia and journalisme – Ramallah, Palestine
  • How to lead a transmedia project – Paris, France
  • The making of a web series – San Antonio de los Baños, Cuba
  • Circus and transmedia – Paris, France
  • Workshop on webseries – Cali, Columbia
  • Game design for Ipad apps – Amman, Jordan